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the film


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"Gold Is Where You Find It."

Film Logline

A bitter grudge between two gold miners grieving over the same woman leads to a stolen map and deadly consequences in 1854 California.

Film Summary

William Teller and Eustus O’Leary are partners in a claim near Angel's Camp during the tail end of the California Gold Rush in 1854. Eustus has always envied William for marrying Katelyn, a woman he loved himself but who rejected him years before. When Eustus learns that William’s son Thomas is secretly courting his daughter Sadie, he’s determined to ruin William and soon cheats him out of their shared claim.


Soon after, Katelyn falls ill and dies, causing both rivals to be overcome with grief. William promises to look after their son Thomas, who has kept his relationship with Sadie secret from his father. But Sadie knows her father bitterly disapproves of Thomas and warns him he is capable of murdering him as she urges him to leave town.


When Katelyn’s funeral takes place, the grieving Eustus goes into his mine to drink himself into a haze. William takes advantage and steals a gold map from his former partner’s hilltop home. Learning of the break-in, Eustus forms a posse to pursue his foe, while William enlists his innocent son Thomas to accompany him on horseback to the mysterious claim. The most dangerous killer Eustus enlists is CG Hawkins, who refuses to ride with anyone but Eustus, leading to a deadly gunfight with another henchman, an event that forces Eustus to join sides with CG.


Meanwhile, Thomas and William work the new claim and are shocked to strike a rich vein. The discovery immediately goes to William’s head as he imagines how he will spend his immense newfound wealth. Their celebration is halted, however, when they realize their horses have been stolen and they’ll need to carry their gold-filled saddlebags on foot through the wilderness to get home. Thomas can only think of Sadie as they set out on the hazardous journey back to Angel's Camp.

The facts


"The film must be made."

"The film must be made"; these were the words passed on to Writer/Director Jared Zabel by Director Werner Herzog at the 2015 Telluride Film Festival while recounting the extreme lengths a filmmaker must go to in order to complete their vision. That same weekend Jared was inspired to write the logline for Teller's Camp and took the first steps towards making his feature-length directorial debut. Fun Fact: The phrase has evolved into his indie filmmaking mantra and his sister has since had it drafted into a poster for his bedroom. After four years of development, thirteen days on location, and over twenty-three hours of 4K footage captured; Teller’s Camp has officially entered Post-Production.


What makes this project different?

The film industry often marginalizes the independent filmmaker. "Teller's Camp" a classic hollywood western film was created by an intergenerational cast and crew comprised of veteran and first time filmmakers. Our mission through every phase of this project has been to create opportunities for independent filmmakers regardless of their experience level. The production team that was brought together has delivered on a million dollar look with only the limited resources available. 2. In partnership with the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) we were fortunate enough to assemble a cast of seven professional actors from diverse and cultural backgrounds. Please consider supporting a team of filmmakers that are truly dedicated to their craft.

The mission


A New Western Classic

Teller's Camp explores the intergenerational tale of a father and son forced to confront their differing value and belief systems. A diverse team of veteran and first-time feature filmmakers increase representation in the film industry by offering unique perspectives on classic Hollywood themes.

Film Overview:  A prospector and his son battle vengeful bandits over a disputed claim during the California Gold Rush. Set in the 1800's, a father and son on a quest for gold find themselves stranded in the wilderness without their horses or supplies. Shot entirely on location in Calaveras County, Teller's Camp explores breathtaking historical locations unseen by the public until now. Gold is where you find it!

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